Slice of Life

March Challenge
We will not be using the blog this month. Instead, we will be writing a DAILY SOL entry in our writing spirals. Students will bring their writing spiral back and forth each day. Once or twice a week we will exchange our spirals and allow our classmates to comment on them. Please read the picture of the poster below that I have hanging in our room.

What is Slice of Life?
Its' a piece of writing about a small moment in your life. It can be a special moment or an ordinary one. It should have dialogue and thoughts. Include as much detail as possible. Just think of something that has happened to you during your day.

New Image.JPG
New Image.JPG

  1. Go to the class wiki and search the side bar for Slice of Life.
  2. Click the link to the class blog.
  3. Click the Log In tab and enter your user name and password. ( However, if you had Mrs. Abels for Reading/Writing last year your user name is
  4. To enter a new post, click the tab at the top that says + New Choose post.
  5. Write the title of your post and begin writing.
  6. To save your post and come back later, click Save Draft. To post your draft hit Submit for Review.
  7. To make a comment on a post, go to Visit Site and select a story that has less than two comments.
  8. Click Comment button underneath the story. Fill in the box and click Submit.
  9. Make sure to Log Out when you are finished.
  10. Please note. Your comments and posts will not show up until I approve them.

. Slice of Life Writing is due on Mondays.
. Comments for the Slice of Life are due on Fridays.